Interval Training logo

Interval Training is our signature group fitness program. The program is a unique blend of interval and resistance training. It draws on the extensive body of research showing significant benefits from both interval and strength-based training approaches. For more info, check out the Interval Training program page.

Fighting Fit logo

Fighting Fit is a fun, highly effective fitness program based on boxing and other martial arts.

  • Non-contact
  • Non-combative
  • Non-competitive.

No gloves or wrist wraps required. And you definitely won’t be needing a mouth guard. For more info, check out the Fighting Fit program page.

Functional Training program logo

Get your engine firing with our Functional Training program!

The purpose of Functional Training is to improve our ability to perform every day tasks, such as hefting heavy shopping bags or playing football with our kids or grandkids on the beach.

Strength Training logo

Increase your strength and build lean muscle with our Strength Training program. The program is a unique blend of weight training and body weight resistance training (calisthenics). Our Strength Training workouts will increase your muscular strength and bone density (bone strength). Our Strength Training program will help you achieve and maintain a healthy body composition with increased lean muscle mass. For more info, check out the Strength Training program page.

Core Strength program logo

Build a rock solid foundation. Our Core Strength program is focussed on helping you build strong core muscles.

Whether you’re looking to up your game in sports or breeze through functional activities of the day-to-day, our Core Strength program will give you the edge.

Endurance program logo

Level up your cardio endurance. Endurance is our specialty program for stationary bikes and treadmills.

The pace and variation is dialled in for maximum results, whether it’s a quick spin, short jog or an extended session that really tests your endurance.

Take your cardiovascular endurance to the next level.

Game Changer program logo

Game Changer: develop explosive power. Inspired by training systems for athletes, our Game Changer program will help you develop explosive power.

Power is the combination of strength and speed.

It’s a pivotal factor in the success of most athletes, but you don’t need to be an elite athlete to do our Game Changer program.