Supercharge your fitness!

Squadron workouts increase your muscular strength, endurance and cardiovascular health.

Your metabolic rate will be supercharged, so you’ll still be burning kilojoules (calories) long after you leave each session.

Flexible membership options

Weekly: unlimited

Attend as many Squadron workouts as you like each week.

Weekly: single session

If you’ve only got time for one class a week, this option is perfect.

We hate restrictive terms and conditions.
You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your Squadron membership at any time.

Casual passes

Casual: single session

Heard good things and want to try it out yourself?

You can purchase a casual pass for one session.

Casual: one week (unlimited)

You can purchase a casual pass for one week (unlimited sessions).

A great way to try it out and also a good option for people that aren’t available every week.